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Final Blog

Well, this is the last blog from Israel. We started our day with a visit to an alternate site of the crucifixion and a garden tomb. Ever since we got here, our guide has always said, "There are no addresses in the bible, so we are not sure if this s the exact spot." So there were alternates in many places In the early 1900's, someone was staying in Jerusalem and noticed a hill that appeared to have a face on it. It is hard to see in the picture but the eyes are the two voids in the rock below the corner of the building at the top center of the picture. The nose is there but it is eroded away since it was first spotted. During archeological digs, they also found a garden and a tomb. The

The Dead Sea

Today we started off with the Good Samaritan Inn. In Luke 10, Jesus iells the parable of the Good Samaritan. It is just a story, but Jesus’ parables were based on realities of life. Excavation of this site is not far from Jerusalem. They uncovered caves and a caravan stop from the time of Jesus. So it is what the people would have related to in that parable or story. One of the things that you notice in the Holy Land is that the Byzantines built a church on any site they thought had holy significance. This one is not different. Here we saw the remains of a Byzantine church, some sarcophagi and other finds from Jesus’ day. This is the floor of a Byzantine church. Before laying the mosa

Via Dolorosa

Today was an interesting day. We began entering the old city of Jerusalem through the Dung Gate. It gets its name because that is the gate the refuse of the temple was taken out and burned. It is the closest gate to the Western Wall. The Western Wall would be the closest wall to the Holy of Holies. This is the place the Jews believe God resides and since the wall is the only thing left, the wall is the closest they can be to God. It is also called the Wailing Wall. The myth is that at night, the dew on the stones is the people wailing over the loss of the temple. Women pray on one side of the wall and men on the other. In the area of the wall, both men and women have to have their he

Sunday in Jerusalem

Today's story will be a little different because we didn't travel with a guide today. We stated by taking a bus to the Damascus Gate. Once inside the city walls, we went to station 8 and went to a new upstairs chapel for Sunday worship and Communion. After worship, we went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the place where Jesus was buried. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the tomb. Four people could go in at one time and we were allowed to stay for about twenty seconds. Behind us was a glass in the wall of the tomb where the remains of the rock that sealed the tomb. Outside the tomb, we visited the rest of the church and knelt at the table of unction. This is believed to

Jerusalem & Bethlehem

We had a pretty eventful day. Before walking, our guide showed us the wall of the city and the area that separates Jerusalem and from the Kidron Valley. This picture is of the wall of Jerusalem. The darker stones on the corner are from Jesus’ day. We started out heading down the Kidron Valley. This valley separates Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. It is a pretty steep walk both down and up again. Down the path, we saw the King’s Tomb which they believe is the tomb of Jehoshaphat. The hole in the center of the monument is damage from the searching of tombs for treasure by invading armies and such. Recently, a photographer was sitting on the grass next to the tree at the top right.

In Jerusalem

Today, we started traveling west on “the road to the sea.” Probably the way anyone, including Jesus would have traveled from Galilee to Jerusalem. On the way we saw the city of Saffet, probably the city he referred to as ‘The City on a Hill.” Our first stop was Zippori which was the home of Mary’s mother. It is also a place of education where the Sanhedrin were. Jesus was known as Rabbi and asked to speak in the synagogue in his home town. Since it was a short distance from Zippori to Nazareth, Jesus probably got his education here. Next stop Cana of Galilee. Excavation of the old city found a large public room with a wine press which would be the place people used to celebrate a weddi

The Day at the Sea of Galilee

Let's see if this is any better today! Today was even more of a blur.We started out at the museum with a boat found in the sea of Galilee that would have been from about the time of Christ. After that, we got on a boat and cruised to the center of the Sea of Galilee and had worship. Then we cruised around the portion of the lake Jesus would have been at the most during his ministry. Then we went to the site of the Beatitudes. Amazingly, it is a natural amphitheater. There is an eight sided church with each side representing one of the beatitudes. Next stop was Korazim, a place Jesus cursed. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 749 AD. It is now a site of excavation exposing a synagogue,

Where in the World is Pastor Bob?

Currently, I am sitting on a balcony overlooking the Sea of Galilee. When I first thought of this, I thought this would be a great way to follow me, but it is not even close. There was way too much to see. This is very abbreviated First stop today was Joffa or Joppa. This is the port city where Jonah got the call from God to head for Nineveh. It is now a suburb of Tel Aviv. It is also the place where Peter went to Simon the Tanner's house and the place where he received his vision of clean and unclean foods Then we went to Mt Carmel. Those in our bible study talked about the battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Mt Carmel is where this took place. .From there we went to Ca

In Tel Aviv

I am now in Tel Aviv. Too tired to write too much but it was interesting checking in to El Al, Flight was good but pretty tight. Here is one picture of the Mediterranean Sea about an hour before landing. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better internet connection and a little more rested.

Heading out.

It is 10:30 Eastern time.  We will be boarding in just a few moments heading to Tell Aviv. Going through security was interesting.  It is always interesting getting asked the same question on different ways, but if it Kris is safe, do be it.  A few of us were tagged for further checks, but I was spared. Next stop Israel - about 11 hours from now.

2nd Leg Complete

Didn't post last night because I was catching up with my brother and sister-in-law. The flight was a little rough but we were on time.  It appears we were the first flight info JFK yesterday. This morning in New York it is a 'balmy' 19 degrees and sunny and plenty of snow.

In DFW Airport

My first leg is complete. I am in Dallas Ft Worth awaiting my flight to JFK. So far LaGuardia is closed, but JFK is open and my flight is still scheduled and on-time. One large glitch but an easy fix Carolyn will take care of.

Starting off with a bang

It appears my trip is starting out in South Dakota fashion. My last full day in South Dakota began with shoveling a few inches of snow (again😬). If that weren't enough, a winter storm warning has been issued for Long Island New York. 6-10 inches expected between now and 6 pm tomorrow. I am supposed to land at 4:30 pm. 🤔. Might have to spend tomorrow night stuck in Dallas. We will see.

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